This is working 3D-printed and Arduino-based power generator. Are you amazed? Everyone else too!


 Even is a 36-year-old designer from Oslo, Norway, who works as a 3D designer at an architectural office. However, he is also an avid 3D printed and is always working on one project or another. As he explained, this is actually the second version of a 3D printed hand cranked generator he was working on. ‘My initial goal was to generate electricity to boil water for food and disinfection... I soon realized that this needs alot of power! You would have to work the generator for quite some time to boil even a small amount of water,’ he explains.

But what he came up with is still impressive. The Beest is powered up by hand, featuring a cool series of gears: ‘1:2 + 1:4 + 1:3, so one turn in rotates the rotor 24 times. The rotor is set up like a 3 phase axial flux generator, with three stators and six rotor plates with a total of 96 neodymium magnets,’ Even explains. Each magnet holds 15 kg, and the electrical output is wired in series before reaching the PCB. Even as also installed an Arduino that reads the voltage coming in and putting it up on the display. But as you can see in the clip below, it mostly just looks very cool.