In our previous posts, we already introduced you some interesting kits for experienced makers and beginners. Today we continuing this theme and want you to meet AZIBOt.


AZIBOt is a mobile platform supposed to support the Arduino ecosystem. It’s totally 3D printed so you can have an ideal introduction tool to Programming, Engineering and Robotics.


AZIBOt is an affordable, Arduino-based open-source, & 3D-printed complete Robot Kit for STEM education in Africa. It’s the ideal tool for introducing students to Robotics, Programming, and Engineering.

AZIBOt team is located in Senegal, Africa, and It's intended audience is African schools, where students will have a possibility to learn STEM with this kit.

On their site, you can find 3d printer files and download software. There are also some open lessons with instructions.




  • Open source Arduino-based electronics platform
  • 3D Printable Parts
  • Easy to use graphical programming
  • Android and IOS mobile Apps
  • Rich Lesson plans