This smart appliance makes you life easier by sorting things you want to throw out to garbage.

The RecycleBot is scanning the barcode on staff you want to throw out and automatically checking it’s web-based database for its material.If there is no barcode, you can select the material of a piece yourself  and machine will send it to a necessary container. By the way, it based on Arduino along with a Yung Shield and designed to perfectly fit in your kitchen.

Showed in Maker Faire Rome, this appliance is seemed really easy to use. Creators say that automatic recycling system isn’t the only thing the RecycleBot is able to do. Moreover, it can “create weekly shopping lists, provide data for recycling companies and calculate waste collection tax breaks, where applicable”. They also going to improve a gadget in future versions and include in RecycleBot an ability to automatically recognize item’s composition without a barcode.