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You can find lots of tutorials about how to make Arduino based Door locker where keypad is used. But ]]>this one]]> is different.

Following The Tutorial by Frank Donald, Bluetooth enabled Door locker can be made. And using this gadget you'll be able to lock/unlock the locker without physical touch when Bluetooth communication is available.

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  1. The locker password can be set to any complex level and length with no restrictions.
  2. Bluetooth access reduces the hardware size and complexity of adding keypad to the system.
  3. Wireless activation of door locker will be the most highlighting specs of this system.
  4. Less power consumption by Bluetooth will be of great advantage.


  1. ]]>Arduino Uno]]>
  2. ]]>HC-05 Bluetooth Module]]>
  3. Relay
  4. ]]>Connecting Wires]]>

Hope you'll try to make it!