The Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics, based in Paris, run an interesting experiment that showed how much humans trust robots. 56 adults and The iCub, a humanoid research robot, took part in this experience.The people more and more share their workplaces and works with robotics, so the question of trust between humans and robots is should be solved.Ivaldi from the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation said, that they want to test if people are ready to have confidence and trust in a robot. The Institute is interested in knowing what they need to do to make robotics suitable for people.

The Ivaldi’s team asked a question to humans and then to the robot. The robots answer, controlled by researchers, was always contrary to human’s answer. After hearing the robot’s response, the human needed to say if he wants to change the decision. Humans mostly stayed with their initial answer, but some even started to convince robot to take their side. Some people decided to change their decisions and trust a robot, though. All in all, the experiment showed that robots are not  authorities in human eyes.

Aaron Steinfeld from Carnegie Mellon University is sure that people change their behavior around robots, unlike computers, because they know that robots have a level of intelligence. Ivaldi claims that to solve this issue and make people trust robots, the robot needs to be designed to show an obvious function of creation. Eventually in stressful for human situations the robot stays calm and can make a right decision and help when human is confused.