A self-contained system with peripherals, memory and embedded system-processor is called microcontroller. The programmable microcontrollers nowadays are usually embedded in other products and machinery like peripherals, phones, automobiles and white goods for computer systems. Thereby, "embedded controller" is another name for a microcontroller.

Flora and Gemma are Adafruit’s microcontrollers for creative wearable gadgets and not only. Let’s find out more about their features and characteristics to know where and how they can be used.


FLORA platform


Flora is Adafruit's electronic fully-featured wearable platform. It's Arduino-compatible microcontroller which is round, sewable and designed to enable fascinating wearable gadgets.

The FLORA's weight is 4.4 grams and diameter is 1.75", thus we can say it's really small and compact.This microcontroller can be equipped with sensors, GPS modules and chain LEDs, that become ideal accessories for the main board, and also it has the best stainless steel threads for using.

The second version of FLORA is now equipped with micro-USB port instead of previous version mini-USB, and it also has an installed programmable NeoPixel connected to Digital 8 ready for gleamy commands.



  • Dimensions: 45mm round x 7mm thick/ 1.8" round x 0.3" thick
  • Weight: 4.7g

Flora board fits designers, artists, engineers, makers and hackers for their creative projects. It’s also easy to use and program and it works on Windows and Mac.

This microcontroller is usually used to make extraordinary wearable things, that blink and play music. Also, it’s able to communicate through infrared LED’s with other electronics. In addition, you can use various  sensors like touch-, motion-, direction-, UV index sensor, magneto-sensor to create even more exciting gadgets.

Examples of projects with Flora microcontroller you can find below.

Wearable Piezo Tones



Plush Game Controller


GEMMA - Miniature Wearable Electronic Platform


Gemma microcontroller is powered by Attiny8 and also programmable with an Arduino IDE over USB  to create desired wearables and not only.

Gemma gives even more, in comparison with FLORA, space for creativity. It’s super tiny so now you have an opportunity to realize any wearables project with special design! But still it has many same features with FLORA except for serial port connection for debugging and possible difficulties with microcontroller recognition through computer’s USB v3 ports.


  • Super small, only 1.1" / 28mm diameter and 0.28" / 7mm thick
  • Ultra low power, draws only 9 mA while running

Various projects using Gemma you can find below.

NeoPixel Ring Amulet

NeoPixie Dust Bag

Sound Reactive Drums

Buzzing Mindfulness Bracelet

NeoPixel Lamp