Today we want to share with you an intriguing example how 3d printing helps to fight a crime! It takes place in CSI: New York!


3D printers can make guns but it can also be used to help polices to fight crime. In the "Officer Blue" episode of CSI: New York aired on 12 November 2005, a ZPrinter 310 from ZCorporation helps police to print a 3D replica of a bullet, an important piece of evidence.

""A police officer was shot in Central Park. He dies right away. I am making a piece of 3D replica of the bullet which is still inside of his horse, Blue." says the policeman in the video.

As the 3D printing technology continues to advance, the magic of producing actual physical objects from computer models quickly and affordably is spreading into all the fields. In fact, 3D printing is now really be used to solve crimes. According to Nikkei news, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has now used 3D printer to recreate 3D models of crime scenes.