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MSP430F5510 based project that ties into the appartment interphone system. in this case it's an Electra IA01. it allows the owner outside the building to open the door by following a pre-determined list of actions. if config.h RADIO option (*) is defined then the door opening is triggered by the following actions: - call interphone number - wait 2s - send a radio signal to a receiver that is tied into the project. the receiver should pull P1.2 low on activation. - door opens if the signal was received in the defined time window If the radio option is not viable due to poor signal/noise ratio another scenario is implemented by deactivating the RADIO ifdef. - call interphone number - hang up and call again in the software predetermined timeframe - door opens the first scenario needs one 12v battery, a 12V one channel RC receiver and transmitter. a chronos watch could be used as the RC remote if the topology permits, see [1], [2]. current consumption is about 110uA@12V. the second scenario only needs one 3v 2032 Li cell. current consumption is about 1.4uA@3V. the pcb for this one is to be found in hardware/ip_simple.brd Pinout: - P1.1 - 'ring' detector from interphone 'PX' - P1.2 - (optional) radio trigger - P1.4 - OPEN - P1.5 - TALK - P1.6 - (optional) power enable for radio rx system (*) radio-related code removed homepage: author: Petre Rodan <> license: GNU GPLv3 parts of the code were originally forked from the openchronos-ng project [3]. software requirements: msp430 toolchain [1] [2] [3]
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