Petre Rodan

Petre Rodan / Rusia Neagra
tube amplifier power assy redesign
Petre Rodan / lemidi
USB 2.0 to midi/gameport converter module for retro gaming PCs
Petre Rodan / interphone
MSP430F5510 based project that ties into the appartment interphone system - an Electra IA01
Petre Rodan / ucurrent_ctrl
an overkill MSP430F5510 based project that controls the power delivery to Dave's uCurrent
Petre Rodan / playa
A smallish and spartan music player that can work for weeks between charges, able to decode ogg vorbis, mp3 files
Petre Rodan / ampy
an audio amplifier project that contains a mixer controlled by an MSP430 microcontroller
Petre Rodan / tracy
gps tracker based on a MSP430F5510 uC with a gprs connection for reporting and command input.