Arduino Leonardo schematic ported to Kicad

Kicad 7

The design has been ported to Kicad 7. * DRC shows no error nor warning on PCB. * All selected parts are easily availables. * All parts contains 3 additional fields * Manufacturer containing the name of the manufacturer * Manufacturer_ref containing the part real reference * Digikey_ref containing a Digikey part number

NM, DNP parts are parts not mounted


Because I need to adapt the Leonardo design to include other functionalities my first work is to port the very good Arduino Leonardo rev3d to Kicad 6.


16MHz Crystal is not yet selected…




Board The board is adapted and routed with the parts I have selected. Kicad 7 DRC check doesn't show any errors nor any warning.


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Component Count: 56

Ref Qnty Value Footprint Datasheet Manufacturer Manufacturer_ref Digikey_ref
C1, C2, C6, C9, C13, C22 6 100n Leonardo_Rev3e:C0603-ROUND ]]>link]]> Kemet C0603C104J4RAC7867 ]]>399-C0603C104J4RAC7867CT-ND]]>
C3, C4 2 22p Leonardo_Rev3e:C0603-ROUND ]]>link]]> Kemet C0603C220K5RAC7867 ]]>399-14962-1-ND]]>
C5, C7, C11, C14 4 1uF Leonardo_Rev3e:C0603-ROUND ]]>link]]> Kemet C0603C105K4RAC7411 ]]>399-C0603C105K4RAC7411CT-ND]]>
C8, C10, C12 3 10u Leonardo_Rev3d:SMC_B ]]>link]]> Kemet T491B106M016AT ]]>399-3708-1-ND]]>
D1 1 M7 Leonardo_Rev3e:SMB
D2 1 1N4148W-TP Leonardo_Rev3e:MINIMELF ]]>link]]> MCC 1N4148W-TP ]]>1N4148WTPMSCT-ND]]>
D+0 1 DNP Leonardo_Rev3e:TP-1.00MM
D-0 1 DNP Leonardo_Rev3e:TP-1.00MM
F1 1 MF-MSMF050-2 500mA Leonardo_Rev3e:L1812 ]]>link]]> Bourns MF-MSMF050-2 ]]>MF-MSMF050-2CT-ND]]>
FID1, FID2, FID3 3 DNP Leonardo_Rev3e:FD-1-1.5
GND0 1 DNP Leonardo_Rev3e:TP-1.00MM
IC1 1 REG1117-5 Leonardo_Rev3e:SOT223 ]]>link]]> TI REG1117-5 ]]>REG1117-5-ND]]>
IC2 1 LMV358IDGKR Leonardo_Rev3e:MSOP08 ]]>link]]> TI 296-13455-1-ND ]]>LMV358IDGKR]]>
ICSP0 1 ICSP Leonardo_Rev3e:2X03 ]]>link]]> TE 5-146486-3 ]]>A128860-ND]]>
J1 1 USBMICRO Leonardo_Rev3e:10118194-0001LF ]]>link]]> Amphenol 10118194-0001LF ]]>609-4618-1-ND]]>
J2, J3 2 8x1F-H8.5 Leonardo_Rev3e:1X08 ]]>link]]> Sullins PPPC081LFBN-RC ]]>S7041-ND]]>
J4 1 6x1F-H8.5 Leonardo_Rev3e:1X06 ]]>link]]> Sullins PPPC061LFBN-RC ]]>S7039-ND]]>
JP1 1 10x1F-H8.5 Leonardo_Rev3e:1X10 ]]>link]]> Sullins PPPC101LFBN-RC ]]>S7043-ND]]>
JP2 1 OTG Leonardo_Rev3d:HEADER_2_2.54 link Samtex DW-02-07-T-S-200 ]]>SAM15134-ND]]>
L0 1 Yellow Leonardo_Rev3d:CHIPLED_0805 ]]>link]]> Lite-on LTST-C171KSKT ]]>160-1428-1-ND]]>
L1, L2 2 MH2029-300Y Leonardo_Rev3e:0805 ]]>link]]> Bourns MH2029-300Y ]]>MH2029-300YCT-ND]]>
ON0 1 Green Leonardo_Rev3d:CHIPLED_0805 ]]>link]]> Lite-on LTST-C171KGKT ]]>160-1426-1-ND]]>
R1 1 1M Leonardo_Rev3e:R0603-ROUND ]]>link]]> Bourns CR0603-FX-1004ELF ]]>CR0603-FX-1004ELFCT-ND]]>
R2, R3 2 NM Leonardo_Rev3e:R0402
R4 1 10K Leonardo_Rev3e:R0603-ROUND ]]>link]]> Bourns CR0603-FX-1002ELF ]]>CR0603-FX-1002ELFCT-ND]]>
RESET0 1 TS07-667-30-BK-160-SMT-TR Leonardo_Rev3e:TS07 ]]>link]]> CUI TS07-667-30-BK-160-SMT-TR ]]>2223-TS07-667-30-BK-160-SMT-TRCT-ND]]>
RN1 1 10K Leonardo_Rev3e:CAY16 ]]>link]]> Bourns CAY16-1002F4LF ]]>CAY16-1002F4LFCT-ND]]>
RN2 1 1K Leonardo_Rev3e:CAY16 ]]>link]]> Bourns CAY16-1001F4LF ]]>CAY16-1001F4LFCT-ND]]>
RN3 1 22R Leonardo_Rev3e:CAY16 ]]>link]]> Bourns CAY16-22R0F4LF ]]>CAY16-22R0F4LFCT-ND]]>
RX0 1 Yellow Leonardo_Rev3d:CHIPLED_0805 ]]>link]]> Lite-on LTST-C171KSKT ]]>160-1426-1-ND]]>
T1 1 FDN340P Leonardo_Rev3e:SOT-23 ]]>link]]> UMW FDN340P ]]>4518-FDN340PCT-ND]]>
TX0 1 Yellow Leonardo_Rev3d:CHIPLED_0805 ]]>link]]> Lite-on LTST-C171KSKT ]]>160-1426-1-ND]]>
U1 1 ATMEGA32U4-XUMU Leonardo_Rev3e:QFN44ML7X7 ]]>link]]> Microchip ATMEGA32U4-MU ]]>ATMEGA32U4-MU-ND]]>
U2 1 ATMEGA32U4-XUAU Leonardo_Rev3e:TQFP44-PAD ]]>link]]> Microchip ATMEGA32U4-AU ]]>ATMEGA32U4-AU-ND]]>
U3 1 LP2985-33DBVR Leonardo_Rev3e:SOT23-DBV ]]>link]]> TI LP2985IM5-3.3 ]]>LP2985IM5-3.3CT-ND]]>
VUSB0 1 DNP Leonardo_Rev3e:TP-1.00MM
Y1 1 16MHz KX-7 Leonardo_Rev3e:CRYSTAL-3.2-2.5
Z1, Z2 2 CG0603MLC-05E Leonardo_Rev3d:CT_CN0603 ]]>link]]> Bourns CG0603MLC-05E ]]>CG0603MLC-05ECT-ND]]>
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