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PCB files

OT2 Robot Hardware Files

Open-source & Customization Documentation

Opentrons strives to make all of our technology as open to customization and extension as possible. In addition to providing all of our code in open-source repositories and developing all of our software in a transparent way, we are providing these hardware files for our community to modify their OT-2 robots however they choose.

Included are: - PCB design files for the key electrical boards in the robot, including our version of the smoothieboard ( motor controller board - Electrical schematic of robotic wiring and pin-outs - DXF file for the OT-2 deck showing exact dimensions of the removable deck and slots - Scale models of the full robot with all the dimensions needed to design hardware integrated with OT-2

If there are files missing that you need to do your work, please reach out to and we will be happy to discuss how we can provide you with what you require. We love hearing from our community!


The Opentrons Team

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