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Automatic light and temperature control in a home environment

This is a project that I did for the Embedded and Real-time course. Its job is to automatically regulate temperature and light in a home environment. To simulate this I made a simple model of a room. I used 4 bright LEDs and a light resistor to simulate automatic light control. Consumer would set the preferred light strength and the system would ensure that there's at minimum that amount of light in the room. That is achieved through the photo resistor in combination with the potentiometer. And for the lack of affordable means to regulate the temperature in a model environment, I used a fan that through PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled the speed of the fant depending how close to the actual temperature the room was at. Among many things that would enhance this system would be a user defined fan and light curve. In the schematics the system was powered through the arduino but in actuality the lights, shift register and the fan had a separate power source, due to the source power limitation of arduino pins.


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