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An eight-channel compact microphone array based on the Beaglebone Black and PDM microphones.

Bill of Materials

  • 8x SPM1437HM4H-B PDM MEMS Microphones (Mouser 721-SPM1437HM4H-B)
  • 8x 100nF capacitors, 0805 package
  • 2x pin headers 2x40, 2.54mm spaced

Possibly also: * 4x 100 ohms resistors

If we want to use wires rather than only PCB microphones: * 8x Micromatch Male-On-Wire 4 pin connector * 8x Micromatch Female-One-Board 4 pin connector SMD * flat cable, 1.27mm, 4 wires


  • The PRU code doing the low pass filtering ]]>repo]]> [Work in progress]


2017 (c) Robin Scheibler

This board was designed by Robin Scheibler and is shared under the ]]>Creative Commons CC-BY-SA]]> license.

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