RB3200 - ESP32 universal board

The ESP32 board you have always dreamed of by!

Board drawing


  • 4 pin headers for each of the ESP32-WROOM-32 pins
    • pin headers closest to the ESP32 module are directly exposed from the module
    • pin headers further from the module are protected by a serial 180R resistor - so you can attach e.g. a LED directly or you don't have to worry if you accidentally switch you grounded input to output.
    • each pin has its own 5V, 3V3 and GND pin
  • Arduino Uno compatible headerincluded
  • USB2Serial chip for easy button-less programming
  • support for an external power supply with high-current voltage regulator
  • diagnostic LEDs

Populated board

Board pohoto


There are pre-exported gerber files in the gerbers directory. This directory is always up-to-date for every release (the master branch). There is also the bom.tsv file which contains BOM with order codes for Farnell, TS, Mouser and DigiKey. Note that the current development branch (vX.Y) does not guarantee up-to-date gerber and BOM files.

As our board features many pin headers and you might not want to populate them all, we did not include them in the BOM. Keep that please in mind when ordering the components.

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