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DS2482 Breakout

Eagle layout for a breakout board for the Maxim DS2482 I2C to 1-wire chip

Top Layer Bottom LAayer

This is a work in progress! I just sent the boards off to OSH Park for etching, so I haven't confirmed it actually works yet.


  • 1 x Maxim DS2482 Single-Channel 1-Wire Master
  • 2 x 1.2k SMD resistors (Package: M0805 )

Pin out of connector (looking component side up, connector on the left)

  1. Vcc - Nominally 5V. You can use 3.3V but the pull up resistors probably nned to be changed
  2. 1-wire - the 1-wire network wire
  3. Ground.
  4. The SCL pin on the I2C interface
  5. The SDA pin on the I2C interface

Ardiuno Sample code

Coming soon...



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