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The contributors are listed in CONTRIB.TXT. This project uses the TAPR v1.0 license, see LICENSE.TXT. EEZ xmos-eval-board uses the ]]>C4.1 (Collective Code Construction Contract)]]> process for contributions. To report an issue, use the ]]>issue tracker]]>.


PCB r1B4 assembled

This project is an attempt to learn more about ]]>XMOS xCORE-200]]> multicore microcontroller XE216-512-TQ128 by making evaluation board that would be used as a prototype or building block in some future DIY open source Test & Measurement (T&M) projects. Selected MCU has 16 logical cores divided between two hardware cores (tiles)and include USB 2.0 and ]]>RGMII]]> for Gigabit Ethernet. It has the highest pin count that comes in easy to mounting package (not BGA). The evaluation board is based on XMOS evaluation boards and a couple of so-called sliceCARDs.

Evaluation board features:

  • PCB dimension: 100 x 85 mm
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc with on board regulators for 1 V, 3.3 V (sequenced) and 5 V (for USB host)
  • XSYS 20-pin IDC connector for JTAG and real-time debugging (via 2-wire xlink0) with ESD protection
  • USB AB-mini 5-pin plug with ESD protection (hopefully can be used for ]]>OTG]]> operation)
  • Support for RGB 4.3" LCD TFT (40-pin FFC 0.5 mm), 16-bit color space supported
  • LCD WLED power supply with brightness control (PWM)
  • Resistive touch screen controller (SPI)
  • QSPI Flash memory
  • 10-pin IDC connector for direct access to Flash memory
  • 16-bit I/O port expander with 2 opto-isolated input, 2 opto-isolated outputs, 3 on-board LEDs, 3 TVS protected inputs
  • Real time clock (SPI) with supercap backup (Vbat)
  • SDRAM (multiplexed address and data bus)
  • 20-pin FFC 0.5 mm socket for Riverdi LCD TFT displays (SPI, Audio out)
  • Micro SD Card socket (SPI)
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet PHY with RJ-45 socket
  • Low-power audio amplifier
  • 10-pin header for cheap W5500 Ethernet module (SPI)
  • Reset switch

For MCU pin mapping check Portmap for EEZ evaluation board

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