-This project was originally a senior design project in Purdue University ECE477. -This is a music player capable of playing mp3 on SD card or stream Bluetooth music from Android devices. The music box has digital amplifier and valve tube pre-amp. The display used 60s style VFD tube from Soviet era. -The Microcontroller used is Microchips dsPIC33FJ256GP710A. - !!!! Demo Vidoe here:]]>]]>


-Kejian Lin -Ran An -Yixing Liu -Zhiyi Xiang

Repository Structure

-main,mp3,sd, AntiqueMB.X are the code for the PIC microcontroller for main, mp3 and sd card as it states. - multithread is the experimental multithread code. - arduino is the interface code for Arduino Uno. - CAD is the conceptual SolidWorks model for the project. - OBJ477 is the PCB files in Eagle.


#### High voltage #### Some hotfix are not documented, yet

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