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ESP12 / ESP12F / ESP12E / ESP12S Wiegand rfid board

Small ESP12F breakout board, custom built for Wiegand RFID readers.

You can get this board from my Tindie shop:

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WARNING: Although it’s rated more, i strongly suggest to use maximum of 12V input!

Check the image for explanation of how to hook up the reader


** There is a resistor on the way from ESP to buzzer due to strange behaviour of busser that ditn't react to HIGN/LOW except if there is a resitor on the way from ESP to Wiegand reader.

Custom pads

   ** New board has marked pads

Option 1: Solder 2 and 1 on both pads results in passing “Ring” tactile switch/button to ESP8266 pin GPIO14

Option 2: Solder 3 and 2 on both pads results in passing “Ring” switch to a terminal on another side of board.

Option 3: Solder 1 and 3 on both pads results in passing terminal pins to ESP8266 GPIO14, planned so that you can hook door status magnet sensor. In this case, you can’t use “Ring” button in Option 1. or 2.



  • BOM has some mistakes, contact me if you need some help.
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