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Repo for the Elcano high-level redesign project (BEE capstone project)

The Elcano High-Level system is responsible for setting a desired vehicle speed and direction based on localization, pathfinding, and obstacle detection. The Low-Level system then has the job of making the vehicle execute the desired commands. At present, the High-Level system is partitioned among several processors: · C7 (Raspberry Pi) processes visual information · C6 (Arduino Mega) localization based on GPS, speed, and INU · C5 (Arduino Micro) Lidar/sonar obstacle detection · C4 (Arduino Mega) computes path from digital map · C3 (Arduino Micro) processes all data and sends instructions to Low-Level

The High-Level Redesign project seeks to port the C6, C4, and C3 processors to a single Arduino DUE. The new processor is designated as the C643 processor and has the following features: · Elcano Low-Level Backwards Compatibility · Simplified Serial Communication · Single Processor Operation · Arduino IDE Friendly · Smaller Footprint · CAN Bus Support · 32-bit processing

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