PCB_MotorDriver README


This repository contains Altium PCB files for UBC Thunderbots' motor driver pcb. Anyone who wishes to push changes to this project must get permission from the current Electrical Team Lead.

Getting Started

Required software

  1. git
  2. Altium Designer


  1. Either create a new working branch or select an existing branch other than master.
  2. Recursively clone (git clone --recurse-submodules) your working branch of the repository to your PC (i.e. C:/Documents/thunderbots/PCB_MotorDriver).
  3. In Altium Designer, navigate to Preferences -> Data Management -> Version Control and ensure SVN - Subversion is enabled and Version 1.9 is selected.
  4. In Altium Designer, navigate to Preferences -> Data Management -> Design Repositories.
  5. Within Design Repositories click on on Connect To -> SVN.
  6. In the dialogue box that comes up, fill in the following information:
Field Selection/Input
Name PCB_MotorDriver
Default Checkout Path location of local repository (i.e. C:/Documents/thunderbots/PCB_MotorDriver)
Method https
Server Port Default
Repository Subfolder /UBC-Thunderbots/PCB_MotorDriver
User Name your github login username
Password your github login password
  1. Click Test.

After your repository is connected, you can add or remove files like a regular Altium Project folder and then commit and push your changes to the remote repository.


Altium_Libraries Submodule Integration

To enforce component and board compatibility, the Altium_Libraries repository is integrated as a submodule. Before making changes to a project, ensure that your local Altium_Libraries/ submodule is current. This can be done using git submodule update in git bash.

Repository Structure

At the highest level, there should be the most up to date board revisions, (e.g. motordriver-v1.0/), archive/, and Altium_Libraries/. Any previous versions should be placed in archive/. Every board revision directory should abide by the following structure:

<name-v#>/ ├── doc/ │ ├── <name>.pdf │ └── <name>.xslx or <name>.csv ├── pcb/ │ ├── guidelines/ │ ├── <name>.PrjPCB │ ├── <name>.SchDoc │ └── <name>.PcbDoc └── sim/


For documentation and relevant non-simulation and layout files. This includes PDFs of the design and bills of materials (*.xlsx or .csv format).


For any PCB design software files related to the schematic capture and PCB layout of board. This includes schematic and PCB layout guidelines (guidelines/).


For any simulation files related to the PCB design here.

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