Developing PCB for Power System and ECU code for STM32F413ZH.

PCB Design

TODO: 1) Remove double throw 12V power relay off PCB (as it is chasis mount) 2) Add charge and discharge relays to PCB 3) Figure out which pins on the STM to use for what 4) Add extra CAN port (need one for Rx from BMS, and one for Tx and Rx to other PCBs) as well as the external CAN Tranceivers 5) Make sure everything has footprint and 3d model 6) Pick out exact voltage regulator models 7) Layout board 8) Replace 12v to 5v and 12v to 3.3v LDOs to Switching Regulator(s) * Pick a 12v to 5v and 3.3v dual synchronized switching regulator

STM 32 & ECU Code

TODO: 1) Figure out which pins on the STM to use for what 2) Figure out what each power supply input (VDD, VSS, VBAT, VDDUSB, VDDA, VSSA) and other important inputs are for 3) Add STLinkV3-MODS for USB debugging and programming * Also add 5v to 3.3v LDO from USB power * Figure out how to connect to STM32 * Figure out how to switch between USB and 12v power

Pin Names used by MbedOS: ]]>]]>

Important pins for us:

STM Pin Name MbedOS Pin Name(s) Function
PB0 PB_0/LED1 BMS Error
PB7 PB_7/LED2 CAN Error
PB14 PB_14/LED3 Unused LED
PC13 PC_13/BUTTON1 Unused Button
PD0 PD_0 CAN1 (Main) Receivier
PD1 PD_1 CAN1 (Main) Transmitter
PB12 PB_12 CAN2 (BMS1) Receivier
PB13 PB_13 CAN2 (BMS1) Transmitter
PB12 PB_3 CAN3 (BMS2) Receivier
PB13 PB_4 CAN3 (BMS2) Transmitter
PG9 PG_9/D0 CAN1 (Main) STBY
PG14 PG_14/D1 CAN2 (BMS1) STBY
PF15 PF_15/D2 CAN3 (BMS2) STBY
PE13 PE_13/D3 DC-DC ON
PF14 PF_14/D4 Unused Digital I/O
PE11 PE_11/D5 Unused Digital I/O
PE9 PE_9/D6 Unused Digital I/O
PF13 PF_13/D7 Unused Digital I/O
PF12 PF_12/D8 Unused Digital I/O
PD15 PD_15/D9 Unused Digital I/O
PD14 PD_14/D10 Unused Digital I/O
PA7 PA_7/D11 Unused Digital I/O
PA6 PA_6/D12 Unused Digital I/O
PA5 PA_5/D13 Unused Digital I/O
PB9 PB_9/D14 Unused Digital I/O
PB8 PB_8/D15 Unused Digital I/O
PA3 PA_3/A0 AUX Voltage
PC0 PC_0/A1 DC-DC Voltage
PC3 PC_3/A2 Unused Analog I/O
PC1 PC_1/A3 Unused Analog I/O
PC4 PC_4/A4 Unused Analog I/O
PC5 PC_5/A5 Unused Analog I/O

Note: the LEDs for Power ON, AUX ON, DC-DC ON, and AUX/DC-DC being used can be directly connected to the power supply / relay driving it.


PowerPCB / PowerPCB.kicad_pcb
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PowerPCB / PowerPCB.kicad_pcb
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