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This is a project to make "something" to put in the WWAN slot of my laptop. This means M.2 NGFF with key B. Lets try to use USB as a minimum. Maybe som STM32 chip as a start. Maybe it can be connected to other things. This in turn means a maximum component area of 30mm x 42mm. Meaning TYPE 3042-xx-B. But I gues we could also go with TYPE 2242-xx-B-M, but this is smaller, but should fit a normal WWAN socket location as well.


Or A + E? Can we do A + B + E?

Even though there are USB in all of above the USB data lines are NOT in the same pin location :( ... meaning that we go with the B key for now as this seems to be the most common keying for WWAN modules for laptops.

Mechanical constraints: - Type 3042-S3-B interface - 30x42mm - Component maximum height on top layer is 1.5mm - B keying - Board thickness is 0.8 mm. - No components on bottom side

--- or should it be 2242-S3-B? 22mm instead of 30mm wide? - Refer to Table 30 for pinout Socket 2 Key B SSIC-based WWAN Adapter Pinouts

SIM card connections could be used for SWD programming Make PCB ready for both STM32F407 and STM32F103

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