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RoboCup PCB Repository

Welcome to the Georgia Tech RoboJackets repository for management and storage of RoboCup's hardware files! Additional information about the team and current projects can be found on the ]]>RoboJackets Website]]> and the ]]>RoboJacket Wiki]]>.

If you are a new member to the RoboCup electrical team and have never used ]]>git version control]]> before, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.


  • A computer configured with git []]>Windows]]>] []]>Mac]]>]
  • An installation of ]]>EAGLE]]>

Using this Repository

Most CAD files found here are ]]>EAGLE]]> files. However, some older archived files were created using ]]>PCB]]> (a program that is part of the ]]>gEDA project]]>). Users will find the following items here: - Control, Kicker, Antenna, and Base Station files - Gerber files for most PCB designs - RoboCup libraries - DRU rulesets (for checking for errors) - CAM Jobs (for exporting gerber files)

Setup libraries in EAGLE

  1. Downloading the libraries

    Once your computer is setup with git, the following lines can be used on any operating system within a ]]>terminal]]> configured with git. Users who are using a GUI interface for git should simply add the respective repositories through the interface.

    # Download the initial files $ git clone # Go into our new directory cd robocup-pcb # Download additional 3rd party libraries git submodule update --init
  2. Add the new directory locations to EAGLE:

    From EAGLE's Control Panel, navigate to the Directories window: Options -> Directories.

    Find the Libraries text box, and add the directory paths where the repositories were cloned from step 1. Don't forget to also include the path for the ]]>RoboJackets libraries]]>!


boards / control-v3.2 / control.brd
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