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2020 Circuits

Getting Started with this git repository

  1. Download and install ]]>Github Desktop]]> (basic) or ]]>git]]> (advanced)

  2. Create a Github account if you don't already have one
  3. Talk to your subteam lead to be added to your respective team on the Github organization
  4. Clone this repository to your computer

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Getting Started with EAGLE

  1. Download and install ]]>EAGLE]]>
  2. Get the free ]]>Educational License]]> (a .edu email address is required)

Circuit Board Versioning Scheme

  • New boards must start their numbering at revision 1.
  • Revision numbers must be incremented by 1 when a physical board is manufactured.
  • Revision numbers should not be incremented at any other time.
  • After a board is manufactured, the files corresponding to the manufactured version should not be modified.
  • Circuit boards based off of a previous year's design should increment based off of the previous board's revision number.


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