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Custom Firmware & Hardware for Electrolux/Hobart Hood Type Dishwasher (Control Board)

This is a custom firmware for Atmel controller based Control Board made for Dishwasher (Electrolux/Hobart hood type). Using Atmel Studio for ATMEGA328P and a number of 3rd party libraries.


There are several ways to contribute to Dishwasher development. You can contribute to the repository by doing:

  • Pull requests (fixes, enhancements, new features... are very welcome)
  • Documentation (I reckon I'm bad at it)
  • Testing (filing issues or help resolving them, they take a lot of time and sometimes I don't have the required hardware to test them all)

And of course you can always buy me a beer, coffee, tea,... via the donation button below.


Video: Testing & trial carried out at Raddisson Hotel, Goregoan --> ]]>]]>

Dishwasher_Schematic [PDF]|