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NOTICE: Please contact me at if you are interested in building the hardware for people who don't have the time, skills, or tools to do it themselves. I get requests occasionally from such people, but cannot do this myself. There are now PCBs, making the construction much easier!

The IV Swinger is an IV curve tracer for photovoltaic solar panels. Both the hardware design and the software are open source.

This GitHub repository contains the IV Swinger documentation, software and open source licensing files.

IV Swinger 2 is here! It is much smaller, cheaper and easier to build, and better than the original in almost every way. Step-by-step construction instructions are included in the repository, and are posted on ]]>]]>


The software and the User Guide are available now. Most of the hardware design documentation is available now too: namely a Fritzing file, PDFs of the breadboard and schematic view, and a bill of materials (BOM) spreadsheet. There is certainly enough information for anyone to build one. Still to come is a document that describes the "theory of operation" (i.e. how it works, what the design choices were and why, etc.)

YouTube demo videos (IV Swinger 2):

]]> Part I]]>

]]> Part II]]>

YouTube demo video (IV Swinger):

]]>IV Swinger Demo]]>


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