View this project on []( pgFocus stands for Pretty Good Focus. It isn't "Definite" Focus nor "Perfect" Focus, but it is Pretty Good. pgFocus is fully compatible with uManager. 1) Open Source Software 2) Open Hardware 3) Reasonably Fast pgFocus runs at 30Hz 4) Reasonably inexpensive 5) Independent of image capture In primary mode, pgFocus is asynchronous of uManager. 6) uManager will be able to set, confirm or change focus positions through a uManager device adapter. 7) Designed to work with a piezo Z controller for fastest response, but could be used to indirectly drive a motorized Z-Drive via a uManager device adapter. 8) 3D Focus Stabilization Most focus stabilization devices turn off during 3D image capture, unlike pgFocus. 9) Focus stability reporting You will quickly learn what disturbs your microscope and how to minimize those disturbances.


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