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Electrophone is a Eurorack module containing a full-sized single coil guitar pickup.

This module is a sister to the Mikrophonie Contact Mic Module and Magnetophone Tape Head Module. The Mikrophonie picks up physical vibrations, while Electrophone can hear electromagnetic vibrations. Guitar pickups are designed to convert vibrating metal (strings) into audio, but single coil pickups are also notoriously susceptible to interference of all kinds; hum from transformers, fluorescent lights or even radio signals.

This module is named after the ]]>Epiphone Electrophone]]> an electric guitar from 1935.

More information: - ]]>FAQ]]> - ]]>BOM]]> - ]]>Troubleshooting]]> - ]]>Demo video at Superbooth 16]]>

Status: - August 2016: Finalised circuit - May 2016: revised Rev 4 layout trying to get the fuzz circuit to work - March 2016: Demonstrated at Superbooth16 in Berlin, with Fuzz circuit bypassed. - December 2015: Small component changes in Pickup Board. - November 2015: Minor fault in Panel (pickup cutout slightly tight) and major faults in Pickup Board. Rev2 board designed and sent to fab. - October 2015: Rev 1 prototype boards sent to fab

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