Ian Tester

Ian Tester / Kickstart ROM switcher
A PCB to switch between four Am27C400 EPROM chips
Ian Tester / Teensy floppy emulator
A Gotek-like floppy drive emulator using a Teensy 3.2 as the controller
Ian Tester / Sipeed Maix boards
PCBs for working with Sipeed Maix boards/modules
Ian Tester / RTK boards
PCBs for performing RTK GPS location
Ian Tester / Qwiic microcontroller boards
A set of very simple boards connecting microcontrollers to the I2C using QWIIC connectors (including power)
Ian Tester / Qwiic power injectors
A set of small boards for supplying 3.3 V power onto an I2C bus connected using QWIIC connectors
Ian Tester / Pro Micro joystick adaptors
A set of PCBs for creating joystick adaptors compatible with MickGyver's code