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cadlab / Tutorial project
CADLAB demo project with interactive guide.
G1asshouse / FullPrototypingBoard
A prototyping board for use in the Learning By Making project with the AppBoard v1.2/v1.3.
G1asshouse / Protoboard
A breakout prototyping shield for the Learn By Making project. It fits AppBoards v1.2/v1.3
G1asshouse / Blinking_LED_with_watch_battary
Overview - Two LEDs are powered by a single watch battery. A 555 timer is used to generate the pulse timing for the two LEDs. Board + 2-sided board + through-holes ++ Vias, ground stitching, battery holder's alignment/relief tabs. Parts + All surface-mount parts
G1asshouse / Sig-test-hatched
Ground plane's effect on a 50 ohm signal line on a 2-sided test board.