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Integrate CADLAB with your favorite PCB tool

See how CADLAB plays together with your existing toolset and bring your design process to the next level with minimal effort.

Native EDA files support

CADLAB seamlessly integrates with popular EDA software. It doesn’t require you to switch to new tools. Just upload your schematics and board layouts to CADLAB’s repository and start collaborating on your design.

Autodesk Eagle

  • Autodesk Eagle version 6+
  • Schematic (.sch) file format
  • Board layout (.brd) file format
  • Library (.lib) file format coming soon


  • KiCad version 5+
  • PCBNew (.kicad_pcb) file format
  • EESchema (.sch) file format
  • Symbol libraries (.lib) file format coming soon
  • Footprint libraries (.kicad_mod, .pretty) file format coming soon


  • Altium designer
  • Schematic (.SchDoc) file format
  • Board layout (.PcbDoc) file format
  • Library (.SchLib) and (.PcbLib) file format coming soon

Vote for your favorite PCB design software

Our goal is to support as many formats as possible. Please help us decide which formats to prioritize by voting for your favorite tool. Just click the button below!

Host CADLAB on a private server

If your internal policy or compliance requirements don’t allow using cloud services, then a self-hosted version of CADLAB might be a great option for you.

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Integration with other platforms

Already using GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket software collaboration platform to keep track of your hardware design? Connect them to CADLAB to view PCB design files right in a browser, visually compare board layout and schematic revisions, and run design review with interactive annotations.
Optimize GitHub and CADLAB by connecting them. Install GitHub application for your individual or organization profile on GitHub, select which projects CADLAB can access on a per-project basis and start visualizing your progress. Need support for GitHub enterprise? Vote here.
CADLAB perfectly integrates with both, and self-managed installations of GitLab. Just authenticate your GitLab account while creating a project on CADLAB to connect to Or, create an individual/organization integration on CADLAB to connect to your self-hosted GitLab.
BitBucket integration for cloud and self-hosted versions are coming soon! Let us know if you’re using BitBucket within your organization and would like to connect it with CADLAB.

GitHub Chrome extension

Install GitHub chrome extension and quickly open schematics, PCB layouts and visual diffs on CADLAB while working on GitHub website.

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