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mexdulon Modules for Experiments with Digital Electronics

This repository includes material like schematics, layouts, instructions and explanations for mexdulon tetra-Boards. The modular system is developed for understanding digital electronics by experimenting. Next to the standard digital components (gates, counter, register, etc.) we created also boards for analog signals and external outputs (motor driver, relay, power FET). All these published boards are licenced as Open Hardware, see below. If you have any suggestions, modifications or extensions, please feel free to share it with us.

List with all boards

Code Description
7SD 7-Segment Display
ADA Adapter 2x5 Port
ADC Analog Digital Converter
ADD Adder 2x4 Bit
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMU Analog Multiplexer 2x4:1
AND AND & NAND 4x2:1
ANS Arduino Nano Shield with Display
ARD Arduino Shield (Uno, Leonardo)
B7D BCD 7-Segment Decoder
BCC BCD Up/Down Counter
BNC Binary Up/Down Counter 4 Bit
BTN Quad Buttons
C12 Counter 12bit
CDL Counter Divider Logic
CLK Clock Generator
CMP Comparator 2x4 Bit
CNT Dual Counter 4 Bit
D12 Demultiplexer 1:2
D14 Demultiplexer 1:4
D18 Demultiplexer 1:8
DAC Digital Analog Converter (DAC)
DEC Decoder 1:8
DFF Dual D Flip-flop
DIP DIP Socket
DMD Dot Matrix Display 4x4
DMX Diode Matrix 4x4
ENC Encoder 8:3
FET Quad Power FET
INV Dual Inverter (NOT)
IOP Dual IO Port
JAD Jumper Adapter
JKF JK Flip-flop 2x
JMP Jumper 2x4
JOY Joystick with Button
KEY Keyboard 4x4
LAD Line Adapter
LED Dual LED Display
M81 Multiplexer 8:1
MTR Dual Motor Shield
MUX Multiplexer 2:1
MXC Modulo X Counter (3/6/9/12)
N33 Tripple NAND 3:1
NOR OR & NOR 4x2:1
OPA Operational Amplifier
PAN Dual Port AND 4:1
PIN Pin Header
POR Dual Port OR 4:1
PRG Pseudo Random Generator
PWM PWM Generator
PXO Dual Port XOR 4:1
QRS Quad RS Buttons
REG Register 2x4
RGB RGB LED & Buzzer
RGF Register File 4x4
RLY Quad Relay
ROM ROM Diodes 4x4
RSG RS Generator
SAD Shift Adapter
SOC Quad Socket
SRG Shift Register
SWG Square Wave Generator
SWI Quad Switch
TMP Temperature Sensor
UNI Universal Register
WNG White Noise Generator
XOR XOR & XNOR 4x2:1

Copyright and License

Copyright Oliver Krebs 2017.

This documentation describes Open Hardware and is licensed under the CERN OHL v. 1.2.

You may redistribute and modify this documentation under the terms of the CERN OHL v.1.2. (]]>]]>). This documentation is distributed WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Please see the CERN OHL v.1.2 for applicable conditions

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