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Last update 4 years 11 months by Jakob Faltisek

USB 3.1 Type C to Type A Adapter with PD

This board is an universal USB Type C to Type A (male) converter that is capable of USB 3.1 Gen 2 data rates. The PCB is able to extract the USB PD signal and output the voltage to a screw terminal.

Usage examples

Implemented in current revision

  • Handle the USB PD negotiation and extract power from a USB PD power supply
  • Act as a USB 3.1 USB Type A to Type C Adapter
  • Act as a passive USB 2 Type A to Type C Adapter
  • Upgrade a Laptop that has a USB 3 Type A port to a Type C port and charge the Laptop via 20V USB PD (DC plug connected to the screw terminal)

Note: This features are supported by the hardware revision v1.0, the firmware is not implemented yet.

Planned for future revisions

  • Act as a DFP to provide USB PD power to a device (the voltage higher than 5V is inserted via the screw terminals)
  • Automatically switch between the different roles (UFP and DFP) depenting on the connected devices

This project was featured in ]]>this Hackaday post]]> and is also documented on ]]>]]>. The hardware of this project can be viewed on

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