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#define BOARD_BUTTON_PIN 28 /* Button define Turns on and off the built-in LED when the built-in button is pressed. Ported to Maple from the Arduino example 27 May 2011 by Marti Bolivar */ void setup() { // Initialize the built-in LED pin as an output: pinMode(32, OUTPUT); // Initialize the built-in button (labeled BUT) as an input: pinMode(BOARD_BUTTON_PIN, INPUT); } #define BUTTON_DEBOUNCE_DELAY 1 uint8 isButtonPressed(uint8 pin=BOARD_BUTTON_PIN, uint32 pressedLevel=BOARD_BUTTON_PRESSED_LEVEL) { if (digitalRead(pin) == pressedLevel) { delay(BUTTON_DEBOUNCE_DELAY); while (digitalRead(pin) == pressedLevel) ; return true; } return false; } void loop() { // Check if the button is pressed. if (isButtonPressed()) { // If so, turn the LED from on to off, or from off to on: digitalWrite(32,!digitalRead(32));// Turn the LED from off to on, or on to off } }


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