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These companies already improving their PCB design process with CADLAB to hit the market faster


Manage your PCB design revisions

Stop cluttering your workspace by duplicating files and calling them main_v3_final2.brd. Use reliable Git version control system to maintain your design revisions.

Always have a backup of your work

Never lose your progress again! Store every meaningful PCB design change in the CADLAB repository and easily roll back-and-forth between any revisions you need.

Keep your team members aligned

Make sure everyone on the team can access the most up-to-date version of your design and easily synchronize their changes.

Instantly view schematics and layouts in a browser

View any revision of your schematic or PCB layout right in a browser! You don’t need to open it in the desktop app every time you need to revisit your design.

Visually compare PCB design revisions

Visually compare schematic and board layout revisions. Instantly review all changes in metadata, values, positions, connections, added and removed elements.

Boost your communication. Report, reply, resolve.

Communicate with your teammates in the context of your design. Leave comments right on your board or schematic. Report, reply, and resolve issues with interactive annotations.