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James Jackson / Car_LED_Driver
This repo contains one-sided eagle files that can be used to build an LED Driver circuit for a car. The idea is to first low-pass the signal coming from the head unit, with a simple capacitor and resistor circuit. I found that I sometime wanted to adjust my crossover frequency, so I have used a potentiometer in the place of the low-pass resistor. After filtering, the signal is amplified 100x and used to drive a MOSFET which acts as a switch to turn off and on the LED's. Video of this working can be found here (link coming soon). I have only included the schematic and the board files.
Raivo Laanemets / System cooling controller with AVR MCU
PC cooling controller for rotary cooling devices (fans/pumps). It has the following features: Supports 4 cooling devices. Can disable devices that still run on minimal PWM. Monitors devices RPM. RPM measurement supports pulse stretching. Supports 2 thermal sensors. Error signal output. Can be controlled/queried over RS-232 interface. Command-line client to query/debug/control the device. Hardware design and source code is MIT-licensed.
Petre Rodan / playa
A smallish and spartan music player that can work for weeks between charges, able to decode ogg vorbis, mp3 files
Petre Rodan / ampy
an audio amplifier project that contains a mixer controlled by an MSP430 microcontroller
Petre Rodan / tracy
gps tracker based on a MSP430F5510 uC with a gprs connection for reporting and command input.
Daniel Lima / Line Follower Robot
Small experiment for educational purposes.
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