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boing / sangaboard
A motor controller for unipolar stepper motors such as the cheap 28BYJ-48 motors.
Martin Ranseyer / STM32-IRMP
Hardware for the STM32-IRMP Projekt from JRIE
blindgaenger / [PCB] LED Ring Board
A ring of 64 smd leds controlled by four daisy chained TLC5940s. Header on the top right will go to an control board with an atmega and usb. Posted byu/chankster
José Júnior / CNCFia
Daughter card for MCU based CNC controllers
jjradler / Sechs-Oszilléierer
Hex-Inverting Schmitt Trigger-based oscillator bank. Three of the sections of the CD40106 can be used either in free-running mode or with so-called hard-sync. The synchronizable sections are at higher frequency so as to be modulated by the lower frequency square waves generated by the first three sections. Square waves with a standard 50% duty cycle are output.
Induced Polarization Associates, LLC / Analog Channel Routing Board
Analog channel routing board design for connecting cable electrodes to their appropriate terminations on the topside hardware using a standardized connector pinout.
AzharHassan / Sample repo
this is a sample repo
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